July 25, 2013

Commitment Problems

Ever since I first realized that people blogged about games I was interested in doing the same.  For me, it started with Warhammer Online, which was also my first real MMO that I got personally involved in.  I led a fairly successful, well known, and respected guild that focused on the high-end PvP.  We weren't as big or strong or have as much weight to throw around as a few of the others, but we were definitely up there.  I tried to blog once a week concerning that game, but I didn't keep it up for long.

Fast forward a few years and I've finally been involved with EVE Online like never before.  I'm logging in a lot, I'm really enjoying it, I'm understanding what's going on, finally.  So, I figure I'll start blogging again.  This was back when I was a pirate (back when people thought pirates were still a viable career path), and I figured I'd have a lot to talk about.  What an adorable newb I was.  In reality, my pirate corporation didn't do much more than gate camp hours on end with no action.  I wrote a few blogs before my interest waned.

Another few years fast forward.  I'm watching the Alliance Panel at the 2011 Fanfest.  I see Alekseyev talking about Noir. Academy.  I had just resubbed a month or two earlier, but saw myself already falling into the same downward spiral I entered every time I tried EVE.  So I joined, hoping it could save me, and sure enough it did.  Renewed and reinvigorated, I tried blogging again.  No luck.

A year or so later I left Noir., not excited about the direction the corp was heading in terms of its alliance choices, and joined faction warfare.  Many members in my corporation blogged, so I thought I'd try my hand, too.  I posted a few times, but found faction warfare boring.  I rejoined Noir. just as we were leaving Black Legion, which was my main issue when I left.  Since my most recent blog, this one, was for faction warfare, it quickly fell unused again.

Well, here I am again.  The blog is going to focus mainly on my thoughts as the CEO of Noir. Academy, the program that got me, finally, heavily invested in EVE in all its glory, frustration, and joy.  I've been the CEO of Noir. Academy for about five and a half months now, and I've definitely learned a lot.  Maybe this is the position I've needed to be in to be able to blog efficiently, just as I needed to be a part of Noir. to play efficiently?

We'll find out together.