November 28, 2013

Ready to Be Home

I've been in Dallas since October 18. Today, November 28, is Thanksgiving in America, a national holiday. This is my first day off since October 18. I fly out of Dallas back to Atlanta on December 4th for a much needed vacation.

It's hard to play EVE sometimes when you work 7 days a week. This has been an especially busy assignment which has left me not wanting to play EVE on some days. Plus, I think my little laptop has finally shown its limits and just won't cut it for me anymore. It's been a great little guy, but a 14 inch screen isn't enough to really do it any more.

I'm looking at upgrading to a Razer Blade Pro soon. Hopefully. If not, maybe I'll just start shipping my desktop around with me.

Anyway, I'll be excited to be home and be able to play EVE for 24 hours a day for about three weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you who celebrate it!