December 27, 2013

And We've Come Full Circle

Just after Rubicon, Noir. was hired for quite a few POCO operations. One of those POCO operations had us fight a corporation called Failed Diplomacy. We won the first fight handily, while they won the second and third fight. Fuckin' Bhaalgorns.

Anyway, when Failed wasn't able to bring their whole fleet of Bhaalgorns and faction battleships, we camped them into stations quite often. During this time, we had fairly reasonable conversations. They started out trash talking pretty badly, at least it seemed bad to me since we have a no trash talk rule; it was probably pretty mild on most scales. But, I guess when we either wouldn't respond in kind or just noticed that what we were typing was actually fairly conversational, it turned out to be fairly friendly. This happened on multiple occasions during the entire contract and we ended up not really disliking Failed, to be honest.

Well, Airric of Failed Diplomacy reaches out to one of our directors and wants to have a talk with us. Surprise, surprise! Turns out that because of our respectful tone towards them, even when we weren't on the winning side, and since they were impressed with us as opponents, they decided to reach out to us and hire us for an operation of their own.

Mercenaries are fickle in that we never hate someone longer than a contract is active unless you do something rather impressive, in a bad way. Failed fought well. We really enjoyed that contract, when they actually undocked, despite losing a bit more ISK overall than they did.

We were hired to provide logistics for a fight against Obsidian Front who was trying to take some of Failed's POCOs away. We showed up with about 15 or so logistics ships and a few people in heavy armor ships with neuts and points in case Obsidian Front went suspect, which they did end up doing.

I really like this turn of events, too. It's very EVE-ish.

In the end, FAILED broke about even because one pilot, RavenG, didn't have his broadcasts set up correctly so our logistics didn't see his call for reps, resulting in a 2B ISK Bhaalgorn and then a 770M ISK Megathron Navy Issue loss. Without those two losses, it would have been a landslide victory for FAILEd.

On the C&P forums, Ynot Eyob posted this Youtube video from their point of view. It turns out they had set us blue from when EMP deployed to Providence for the 9UY campaign and forgot to reset us.

P.S. I got my new Razer Blade Pro the other day and it's amazing! I can't wait to try it in EVE with a big battle.