March 22, 2014

The Current State of . . . What's Next?

When I first started writing about the current state of mercenaries in EVE, it never occurred to me that it may become a series. I didn't know how far I'd dig into the subject or how I'd go about getting information in the beginning. It grew organically, turning into a series of interviews with mercenary leaders and spokespeople. The format fit very well, and I think I can apply this format to other subjects as well. I've mentioned before that I want to do similar projects for other facets of the game. I'll try to keep the pattern as close to the original as possible. The question now is, what's next? 

To be honest, I'm not sure. My heart wants to do bounty hunting next. Bounty hunting has a similar reputation to mercenary work for some reason - even CCP pushes this - so it could be interesting to talk with players who make a living doing bounty hunting and not only find the similarities between it and mercenary work, but also bounty hunting's unique issues, obstacles, and challenges. Bounty hunting also fits well into the template I used for the mercenary series compared to, say, industry where numbers or graphs may be important to help the audience (and myself) understand what's being talked about. 

My head, though, wonders if there are even any bounty hunters living in EVE. If there aren't, then it wouldn't fit the template at all and I'd have to figure out another way to tackle its series. Regardless, I'm about ready to tackle another project. If not bounty hunting, then I'm not sure what topic I'll focus on yet. Maybe it'll be good to work on something not PvP related.

Anyway, it's about time for me to start searching for bounty hunters. If anyone knows anyone who players as a bounty hunter, I'd love to know. I don't know of any off the top of my head, unfortunately, so I'll have to start doing some digging of my own. Hopefully word will get out to four or five of them, if they exist, and we'll go from there!