May 17, 2014

A New Adventure and New Friends

To the left you can see what started it all. Mynxee tweeted this picture yesterday and I thought it was awesome; something I'd want to do too! You see, I sometime have a bit of a problem: I love buying notebooks and pens. I've been trying to find ways to get rid of the notebooks I've got sitting on my bookshelves back home, something that would be fun and interesting to look back on. Something kinda like this!

So the idea is pretty simple, at least for me - others are welcome to approach it however you like. I've taken some inspiration from the single image Mynxee has shown - character name, in-game date, and other in-game tidbits - and decided to make my journal in-character, as if written by Psianh Auvyander. Also inspired from the image alone is the artistic focus rather than a Dear Diary kind of thing. That part is kind of daunting actually. While I used to sketch in middile and part of high school, I was never really good. I haven't really done any real drawing since then either, so it'll be tough for me to stretch any artistic muscles again. But that's kind of the beauty. I'll hopefully be able to go back through each page and see improvements.

Others have joined us on this idea. I coined it Pod Journaling (#podjournal on Twitter if any of you want to join us via that medium). Mynxee came up with some unofficial rules: it has to be EVE-oriented and creative. That's it!

And not only am I excited to embark on that adventure with some new Pod Journaling buddies, I'm also heading out to Maryland after work this evening to meet up with some other EVE players. There should be about ten people there, we hope. So far the only person that has confirmed their attendance that I've spoken with previously is Sugar Kyle. One of the things I enjoyed most about Fanfest was the talking to people. I skipped a lot of panels simply because I was having a good conversation, so I'm really looking forward to getting another experience like that.

If you're in the Maryland, DC, VA area, come out and say hi! You can read more about the meet up on the forums.