May 14, 2014

Contract Recap: Failed Diplomacy POCO Defense (Plus some extras!)

While we were removing four months and 150B ISK from Goblin's life, our friends Failed Diplomacy contacted us about a contract very similar to the last one we did for them. This time they wanted us to ally on their wardec against Obsidian Front and actually fight compared to being neutral logistics though.

Unfortunately, it got a little crazy! So there were two wars between Obsidian Front and Failed Diplomacy (well, one of the wars was from a corp that was similarly named to Failed Diplomacy). One of these wars was created by Failed Diplomacy and one was created by Obsidian Front. Alekseyev allied with the one started by Obsidian Front accidentally! After realizing he allied with the one with Failed Diplomacy and sent a mail out to both Obsidian Front and Failed Diplomacy explaining the situation and asking Obsidian Front not to accept the alliance. Unfortunately (again), one of the Obsidian Front directors accepted the alliance without reading his mails. Both us and them were a bit embarrassed.

Well, what can you do? Alek sent another mail out to both sides explaining our role in the fight. We then set Failed Diplomacy blue and ensured that our pilots had their overviews set correctly so that there wouldn't be any confusion. From there, it was pretty straight forward. We showed up in Ishtars and provided long range fire support against high priority targets (Bhaalgorns) and kiting ships (EWAR frigates).

Failed Diplomacy ended up winning the fight easily with our help. Not a single Failed Diplomacy ship was lost in the entire fight. We were asked to stand down by the Failed Diplomacy FC, another job well done.

I've really enjoyed working with Failed Diplomacy over the last six months or so. I think it's great that we were one-time enemies, now they're repeat employers. Obsidian Front is a great group of guys to fight against.

In other news, we've pretty much gotten the entire alliance to our new home. A fleet went out last night made up of two Crows (one of which was flown by a Noir. Academy member named Maddord), one Curse (flown by Fayral), one Ishtar, one Vagabond, one Hawk, and one Cerberus. They start roaming around and in 8W-OSE Maddord saw two Thanatoses on Dscan. He found some Gecko drones in an anomaly, but no carriers. So he bookmarked the drones and the fleet moved out, back into FIO1-8, swinging around into E9KD-N, then WQY-IQ, and finally back to 8W-OSE. And as you may have guessed, when Maddord warped back to the bookmarked drones, the two Thanatos were there as well. He immediately got point on the first and called the rest of the fleet in, who promptly took the first Thanatos to half armor (the other Thanatos had warped off). At this point the other Thanatos came back and tried to save his friend. Our six-man fleet wasn't able to beat the reps, of course, and so we called in Black Legion. and Mordu's Angels.

Black Legion. got on their Titan and prepared to jump, only to find upon trying to create the bridge that it was too far. Mordu's Angels showed up in a few Ishtars though and we managed to kill them both. Fayral died in his Curse keeping point on the second Thanatos until reinforcements were just a few jumps out and secondary point could be established, though. If it weren't for his death, I doubt the second one would have died at all!

Pretty fun ending to a tiny roam, really. Our guys managed to hold two Thanatoses down for about 20 minutes warping in and out, juggling points, until just enough DPS came onto the field to break their tank.

You're welcome for the kills, Mordu's Angels.