May 11, 2014

Contracts Recap: Save Jita 3

Burn Jita. It's an awesome event that happens every year in the biggest trade hub of the game, where members of the CFC spearhead suicide ganks on all freighters that are brave (or dumb) enough to undock. Thousands of people pile into the system, not unlike the zombies you see to the left, and try to tear apart anything juicy with their destroyers. Since its inception, Noir. has spearheaded the Save Jita campaign. We go in and shoot as many of the CFC as possible. This year was no exception. We were going to Save Jita no matter what. Luckily for us, we got paid for it this time! Unluckily for us, one of our employers turned out to be insane. Well, I guess it shouldn't have come as a shock to us, but oh well.

Our first contract was from an anonymous employer. They wanted to hire us to ally onto any wardec that was placed on Goonswarm during their Burn Jita campaign as well as shoot the CFC at the same time.  Employer was aware and fine with us continuing our normal Save Jita efforts, since that was basically what he was hiring us for anyway. This contract turned out pretty well. There weren't that many people who declared war on Goonswarm itself, and those that did we drove out of Jita altogether. Most notably, The Marmite Collective and Darwin's Lemmings - self-proclaimed Jita undock masters and staunchest of the Grr Goons group - spent the rest of the weekend in Amarr after they lost ships to us. I think their official statement was because it wasn't fun and tidi is boring. Yeah.

Our second contract was from former employer Gevlon Goblin. He wanted us to shoot Goonswarm. Well, as it just so happened, we were already going to do that! So, sure, we'll get paid to do it too. In all honesty, I can tell you that, as a long time member, many of us perform harder and better when we know we're being paid. So even though we were planning on doing what Gevlon was hiring us to do anyway, now that it was a -real- contract, we all dialed it up to 11. Gevlon agreed to pay 2M ISK for every Catalyst killmail, 5M for every Brutix killmail, 10M for every Talos killmail, and 20% of the value for every capsule killmail.

Noir. ended up killing about 1900 CFC ships - our highest Save Jita record yet. In fact, just like last year, CFC sent out suicide squads and defense fleets to stop us. So, there you go - two jobs well done. Our employer had the biggest of the organizations that declared war against them completely driven out of the region. Gevlon Goblin received our highest kill amounts in three years of doing this. By his own reckoning, he owed us 2B ISK (which, might I add, is pretty cheap for us).

But then, of course, it gets interesting. And a bit pathetic, really.

See, Gevlon Goblin, despite announcing to the world that he was no longer affiliated with Darwin's Lemmings (and thereby Marmite since DL is a feeder corp for Marmite) was actually lying and is still, apparently, running the show over there. Of course, Gevlon Goblin failed to mention that when he contacted us. So when we demolished his two corporations, sending them to other regions to play, he was upset that we were shooting, as he says, "my forces". Of course, as is normal for a guy who deletes comments on his blog that don't line up with the narrative he's so carefully trying to construct, Gevlon blocks communication from all Noir. personnel who try to reach out to him. From there, he manages to take an impressive logical leap that no mortal could make without breaking their own sanity, and begins to accuse Noir. of being Goonswarm pets.

You see, according to Gevlon Goblin, we were hired by Goonswarm to scam Gevlon Goblin out of 2B ISK! Oh, and not only that, but Gevlon actually hired us to jam Goonswarm, not kill them. And so that's why he's not paying. Or something. It all gets a little fuzzy since, you know, everything he says is made up. It's hard to keep his lies straight when there are so many of them.

So yeah. Like all Contract Recap blogs, these are kept fairly short. I don't go into a ton of detail. If you want to read a lot more, you can check our website, Gevlon's blog, and our EVE-O thread.

Unsurprisingly, business has increased since Gevlon's tantrum. It's obviously true when they say bad press is good press. The vast majority of people who actually are in the market for mercenaries weigh in on the side of Noir. Let it be said that no one in Noir. is worried or upset about our future because of this incident. To us, it's another successful contract - whether the employer wants to admit it or not.