May 20, 2014

Status Update on Bounty Hunter Series

I've been trying to put together the last big piece of the Bounty Hunter series together for a few weeks now. I've sent out some EVEmails but only got two replies, so I'm trying to find some more good candidates for the live interview. Sorry it's taking so long. I didn't mean for there to be a big gap between post two and three. I may do a few smaller posts about some ideas that work with the base system but may or may not prove to be worth while, in theory.

I tried to do some more watercolor painting today, but I think a pizza box is just not working well for mixing paint. I'll keep practicing. I didn't get to play EVE at all today because my internet was fouling up, so I didn't really have anything inspiring to try and capture anyway. Since I wasn't able to play EVE I played Arma 3 for the first time in a while. I'm way out of practice. When I get back home, maybe I'll look at joining a group. I've always wanted to do that.