June 26, 2014

Contract Recap: Assassination

This one's a bit late, sorry about that. Also, full disclosure: it's not a long one!

Noir. Mercenary Group has accepted two assassination contracts since our inception. The first one was back in March of 2012. That's not to say that we hadn't been offered them before then, but to make it worth our alliance's while, to mobilize all of us for a singular goal, it costs a lot of ISK. But in 2012, someone offered a good enough price, and we did mobilize. Unfortunately, the character didn't log in, and our employer found out later that the target simply was busy during our operational period.

Well, once again, someone rose above the noise and hired the alliance to go after a single guy. We did our homework, finding his normal ships and fits, his areas of operations, his time of play, and his accomplices. Everyone got into place, we had our locator agents primed and ready.

And he never logged in.

Luckily for me, I was traveling for most of this contract so I wasn't frustrated by his lack of activity! Sometimes the cards just don't play out for an exciting contract. Talking to the guys, it still turned out to be fun. Contracts like these give us a lot of time to chat with Noir. Academy students and just chat in general.

We've also been working on another, long-term contract which we were able to do during the down times, so I guess it wasn't all boring!

I'm trying to ramp up my activity again after having been away for what seems like forever, and in conjunction with that I'm going to ramp up my blogging and pod journaling!