July 20, 2014

EVE Has the Most Negative Players

OK, this isn't news but I haven't really been paying attention to the details like I used to for a while, so this thought has been coming up more and more when I read blogs or comments throughout the Eve-o-sphere. Honestly it's really annoying. It feels like people go out of their way to be negative just for the sake of it. Or maybe they do it because it's so rewarded and celebrated in our community. Say something snarky? Have an upvote. Your blog's entire focus is to sound derisive and gloomy? Become famous.

Look, I get it. We have a very cynical community. Our average player's age is much higher than other games. Maybe that means that we've lost our innocence as a community many years ago, now we can only see mortgages and bills and another day at an office we hate. These aren't problems that the average World of Warcraft player has, right? So it's only logical that our community is so much more downtrodden. Get over yourself!

We play an amazing game, one that's unlike any other game in the entire world. People try and emulate this game, people write thesis on this game, people study this game. Our game is wonderful, and incredible, and it's tons of fun. If you're not having fun, what are you doing here? I hate math. You don't see me showing up at math competitions and complaining about how derivative it is (pun totally intended).

If you love the game but hate what you're doing - do something else. This game doesn't tie you down to any one thing. You're not forced to continue playing as your Space Trucker class because there is no Space Trucker Class. You can be a pirate! Go for it! You can be a whatever! Go for it!

I understand that some career paths are harder than others, and it takes effort to do some things. Let's not forget I play as a mercenary in today's EVE. But I have fun, so I keep doing it. If you like something that's not easy, that's not lucrative, that's not popular, who cares? Quit being so whiny that you're not having everything you want.

And don't get me wrong. I don't think that EVE Online is perfect by any means. You can take a look at my blog and see quite a few examples of suggestions for changes or improvements. But it seems like our community has forgotten the difference between criticism and complaining. Instead of acting like adults, working together for a better future, we reward one another for pitching tantrums and congratulating the one who throws the biggest, most clever, and loudest fit. Is it any wonder CCP rarely listens to us as a collective whole?