August 9, 2014

Alliance Tournament XII Practice

I had the opportunity to practice for the Alliance Tournament again this weekend. As always, flying with Noir. is tons of fun, no matter what. I honestly can't imagine a cooler group of guys (for the most part) to fly with.

 I did ok, despite not having been able to play much lately. While I was there, we ran two different compositions, one of which I enjoyed a lot more than the other. I won't go into details because opsec. You know how it is. It was refreshing to hear everyone else agree with my thoughts regarding one of the compositions, everyone pretty much agreed it fit our mentality better. Alek sighed.

Our practice lasted for a few hours and we were able to make some nice tweaks to our set ups based on the experience. It was, in that regard, a perfect practice. This type of thing is definitely not our strong suite though. We're not an alliance tournament focused group, and - as far as I'm concerned - that's quite alright. It's a great experience for the alliance, and I'm always happy to see our name on the boards, regardless of how we end up doing. I do have to say that this year is our strongest year yet. I don't know how far that's going to carry us, but I'd put this year's team up against any of our previous teams, hands down.

Also, I was shocked to see how close the opening day is when I looked at my calendar! It's almost here!