September 25, 2014

New Jobs

Finally! I've found a new job! For those of you who haven't read it before from my blog, my last job sent me all over the country for almost all of the year. I was rarely home, and while it was nice in a lot of ways, I was glad to be back home when I left that job in June. Unfortunately, the job I had lined up fell through literally the last minute, so I was left scrambling for three months trying to find something else. Well I officially have a job now, and my first day is tomorrow!

I'll be the Social Media Manager for a local women's boutique called Entourage. I'm super excited because, while I've never worked in the fashion industry, I'll finally be able to put my social media/community management experience to good use in a well-paying job that includes benefits and doesn't make me travel all the time. It goes without saying that my girlfriend is super excited about all the discounts I'll be able to use to purchase her lots of stuff!

But of course, all things must relate to EVE, right? For me, this means that I'll once again not be space poor! I don't maintain multiple accounts, so all my ISK is generated by one of two characters on the same account - although I very, very rarely use the second character (the third just sits in Jita if I need to sell a PLEX quickly). For me, it was always more timely to just buy a PLEX than spend multiple hours in the game trying to earn the same amount of ISK. I'm certainly looking forward to buying all the faction fittings that we fly in Suddenly.

Coincidentally, the alliance is on a new contract too. New jobs everywhere! As per usual, I won't go into any details until after the contract is over with, but that may not be very long.

Noir. Academy is chugging along nicely too. We're finally settling into the transition into SOUND, and classes are starting to pick up. I foresee classes and instructor-led roams increasing as soon as the current contract is over, unless we embark on another one straight-away. We have a couple of very promising students who I'm super happy to have, and a few who may not last long.

We had a unique case of idiocy a few days ago which was interesting. A student with a very unusual application was accepted with some caveats. He was put on the instructor's watch list to make sure everything was kosher. Turns out, we didn't need to do anything. He spilled his guts to one of our instructors, completely unprovoked, about how he was breaking multiple rules on his second day in the corporation. Kicked!

We have a few students who are on the very cusp of graduating, too. I feel kind of bad for them since, just as they were about to be invited to come fly with Noir. for their final testing period, we left on a contract which means that they had to stay in Catch while we worked on this. We invite students who are in the final stages of the Academy to basically relocate to be with Noir. to ensure personality and basic ability before graduation. These guys just got a little unlucky. I'll be very glad to get them out here though. They deserve it and I think they'll fit in just fine.

By the way, one of our guys is going to be speaking at EVE Down Under, so if any of you are there, say hi to Arkentantix CarpeNoctem! I should get him to guest write something about it now that I think of it.