November 23, 2014

Contract Recap: Towers

We're in an interesting place right now as an alliance. 

We deployed to a new home just before Phoebe like many other people, a place where we store our ships and deploy to contracts from. We've always had a home base like this, it's necessary as a mercenary group to have a warehouse, if you will, for all the ships you don't need for a particular contract. Historically, when we're off contract in our home system, we do a number of things: make ISK, keep our edge sharp with regular fleets, or just log off and recuperate from the last contract. This time it's a tad different.

Perhaps it's indicative of the mercenary life after Phoebe (although I hope not), but we've received a lot of contracts over the last few weeks. That's a good thing. They've all been POS related, which isn't a bad thing. The interesting thing is how quickly the turn around on them is. We've been hired the day of the POS timer more than once. Obviously for POS defense contracts there is always very little heads up, but it's a strange turn of pace from typically having larger, week-long contracts to having small, short (but surprisingly well paying) jobs each day.

I won't go over each one in detail, there are just too many of them, but I will say that so far we've successfully completed every contract that we've been given post-Phoebe. Success is always sweet.

I'm ready for a larger scale contract though. Those are what I love and play for the most. They get me logging in more than anything else (although I'm trying hard to change that), and they're what make the memories. I doubt I'll remember any of these POS contracts in detail in six months, even the ones that had good fights, but I'll always remember the Delve II contract, or the Of Sound Mind defense. 

Anyway, it's an interesting change for us. Activity is great, we're finding tons of fights, and we're able to utilize a lot of our new doctrines, most of which have me very giddy about. We also caught an Archon chilling on a novice plex yesterday. We let some neighborhood guys come in with destroyers to whore on it, which was fun. Who says mercenaries can't be diplomatic?