February 24, 2015

Vote Mercenary, Vote Psianh!

Voting starts tomorrow!

Everything has moved so quickly over the last year. It still feels like I was only in Iceland for Fanfest 2014 a few weeks ago! Isn't that a sign of getting old or something? Well, in any case the polls are upon us and we've got an incredible spread of candidates. I'm still working on the final official ballot that Noir. is going to release, although it's nearly set in stone at this point. It'll be out very soon for those interested. I've had the great pleasure to talk with so many new people this year, it's been great. That was one of the best unexpected side-benefits to running last year, and I'm glad it's held true this year as well.

I'm very thankful for all the positive support I've been getting from all the various bloggers who are putting out their official ballots. It's a good year for me as the mercenary candidate who actually understands the what the career needs and how it intergrates with the game as a whole and I hope that I'll be able to represent that side of the game to CCP. I have a sneaky feeling that mercenaries are going to be in overdrive in the next year or so.

Be sure and put me on your ballots in your #1 position to ensure that the CSM has a good representative of not only mercenaries, but a representative of the seedier sides of EVE that also understands that EVE is a game that is meant to be fun. Like many of the candidates, I'm not from a powerbloc that can essentially ignore all but the members of my own corporation or alliance and rely on solely them for enough votes. I think I stand a fairly solid chance if I can garner enough #1 votes to stay in the voting process for a few rounds.

If you're not comfortable with voting for me as your first pick, putting me as close to that as possible is still a huge deal and can go a long way to making sure that CSM X is an amazing team. I'll be following up once the elections actually open with a link that you can use to vote fairly easily with. Let's get out there and get an amazing group of minds on the CSM this year!

Here are some links to some the comments that have been made about my candidacy so far: