August 27, 2015

Arma 3 Server is a Go!

Sorry for two non-EVE posts in a row. I probably won't get to play EVE until next week. I'll try and make it my main gaming focus next week, but I think I'll fail since Metal Gear Solid V will be available. I've never been the stoutest fan of the Metal Gear series, but I have enjoyed them and have fond memories, so I'll look forward to this play through.

To be fair, I haven't been able to play much of anything this week, although I did spend about 30 minutes in our new Arma 3 server! So far there aren't any mods and only one mission, a Capture the Island scenario. I was the only one on the server too, so it was really more of a test than anything. It ran silky smooth. Mods are coming soon, and then it's game on!

We also have a planned session tomorrow night without mods. It'll be a Zeus scenario more than likely. Maybe we'll throw in some missions downloaded from the Steam workshop. It'll mainly be a getting-to-know-you session since many of us have never played together, and those of us that have haven't done it in a while.

I won't be able to play anything this weekend either due to PAX. Maybe some League of Legends on my work computer, but that's about it I'm afraid. Speaking of which, Ashterothi and I are both going to be at PAX so I'm going to try and meet him and hopefully as many other EVE players as possible. So if you're going, let me know!