August 22, 2015

First Contract Deployment with Mercenary Coalition

I always get excited when a contract deployment happens, whether it's a quick POCO contract or a protracted, month-long deployment behind enemy lines. So with that in mind, I felt pretty happy to start the first leg of my deployment.

This is Noir.'s first contract with Mercenary Coalition and we're pretty stoked about it. Alek, the CEO of Noir., has been tasked with the command of the contract. It's one of my favorite types of contracts, and it's for a fairly substantial length of time. Both of those things are even more exciting for me. As much as I enjoy the small, one-and-done contracts for easy money, the real memories are made in the longer contracts. We still talk about specific contracts in Noir. even though they happened years ago. You're out there, typically behind enemy lines, with nothing but you and your alliance-mates. There are a lot of "I was there" moments.

Now the question is, how am I going to get the rest of my stuff deployed. The wormhole I was using closed. Bah.

Completely unrelated, but I have to buy some new jeans. Every pair of pants I wear rips in the back. I was looking at Outlier pants because I've heard they're pretty solid, but the only store they have is in Brooklyn, New York, so I can't try them on. Tough choices, tough choices.