August 18, 2015

Sovereignty, Socket Closes, and the Information Highway

I was browsing /r/eve the other day (the habit is hard to kick despite the subreddit devolving more and more) and was surprised to see a really good post on it. Well, sort of - it was a New Eden News Bot sharing Thoric Frosthammer's summary of complaints to Aegis and suggestions to those complaints. If you haven't read this somehow, please do so.

I liked this post for a few reasons. It clearly articulated:

  1. The problems
  2. The reasoning behind those problems
  3. A solution (in most cases)
I've been learning a lot lately about passing information upwards, which is a pretty big change of pace for me since I've spent the last two years in EVE passing information downwards. That is to say, in my real life I spend a lot of time trying to convey important, high level information up to my company's CEO and the way you do that is vastly different than the way you transmit information to the people who follow you.

When you're trying to get someone whose time is very valuable, whose mental bandwidth is always strained, it's incredibly important to lay things out in a manner similar to what Thoric has done. This puts whoever is in charge of making the decision of pulling the trigger in "approval mode". You've already presented the problem, why it's a problem, and a recommended solution. All you need is approval to get the job done. This is effective, this is good communication. It would be great if other people would learn from it and use a similar mental process for complaining in the future. It's amazing how much farther up the ladder you can get if you can just frame your message in a way that's easy for someone to understand. Even if someone had the  hypothetical job of doing nothing but sorting through complaint posts on the EVE forums or Reddit would be able to digest, comprehend, and formulate plans of actions faster, better, and more effectively with this style of feedback.

Kudos to you Thoric, for your formatting if nothing else.

Now, all that's well and good, but unfortunately I can't enjoy EVE currently, even if it were in perfect harmony and balance with the playerbase. For some reason, my socket is continually disconnecting. I can stay logged in 5 minutes before it happens (which is pretty typical) or I can stay logged in a few hours (which is very atypical), but sooner or later my socket will close and I'll get disconnected.

So far it hasn't had any adverse effect as I've only been moving ships around, updating my doctrines in station, and moving a few alts here and there. If it continues, I'm obviously not going to be able to undock for a fight. I've done a bit of Googling, tried changing DNS, tried changing my ini file as per CCP's instructions to connect to a different port - but no luck. I've just moved to a new place where the internet is provided for me, so I don't have access to the router, and I'm at a loss here.

I'd hate to be getting my craving for EVE again right when my internet is failing me. It sucks because my internet speed is great, I apparently just have packet loss issues. If anyone is a networking guru, boy I'd like to talk to you.

I'll leave you with a teaser: my favorite series on this blog is about to get revived after quite a long hiatus. I'm pumped about it, and if I can fix my damn socket problem, I hope I get to be heavily involved!