September 10, 2015

Bay Area Meetup: September 26

It's official! The date has been set for September 26 at Southern Pacific Brewing Company in San Francisco. I haven't been there before but it's got good reviews and looks like a cool place to hang out.

If you're not a drinker, never fear! The menu looks really good too, so you should have a lot of great choices even if it's not about beer.

You can find more information on the EveMeet website.

Be sure to RSVP so I can get an idea of how much space we'll need (which will determine how early I get there to claim a table or two), and to help guage potential prizes.

If you're attending, please share this with your corp/alliance mates that you know live in the area!

Unrelated, but I hope you've had a chance to read Rixx Javix's The Great Divide and FearlessLittleToaster's In Defense of CCP Fozzie. Both of these posts really resonated with me and, unless you're a bittervet, hopefully they touch something for you too.

I've been an unapologetic optimist in my previous posts time and again. When I mention this, what I usually am trying to say here is, "I understand that not everything is perfect, but I have trust in CCP as a company and its vision." I think most people would agree that EVE can be a better game, but it's important to understand that EVE is also trying to be a better game.

Growth is never easy. Ask anyone who has worked out regularly or mastered a skill. To actually excel at something takes a lot of work, practice, failure, and repitition. Things are never planned and executed perfectly the first time and we, as players and people, have to recognize this basic aspect of growth.

There has been no signal from CCP's actions or statements that would reasonably consistute stagnation or denial. I've written about the realities of development in a modern work-environment, and I hope that somehow, someway people begin to understand there aren't an infinite number of hours in a day to brainstorm, discuss, plan, develop, test, and implement every single idea.

EVE is a ruthless game, and to move forward we (and CCP) will have to ruthlessly move forward in idealogies, tactics, strategies, and implementation. But as Rixx and Toaster and I have said before, that doesn't mean we have to be ruthless assholes.