September 11, 2019

Wait, Isn't This Blog Dead?

Isn't this Blog Dead?

Well, it was. So was Noir. Now neither is. I don't know what's happening either.

I'm also not really sure I'm going to be able/want to play this game anymore. My life has changed a lot since I stopped playing EVE two years ago. It's changed dramatically since I first became heavily invested in EVE and Noir. in 2011. Still, it's pretty impressive that I can today login to this game and join the corporation that I was in almost a decade ago.

I'm not involved in high-level conversations like I was before so I also have no idea what Noir. is planning on doing in the next few weeks, months, or perhaps even years. Are there any contracts available in the universe of New Eden these days? I couldn't tell you. The Contract was my big motivating factor to play EVE in the first place. Just the idea that other players paid you to do a task was such an interesting concept to me. Maybe now my motivation will just be to pal around with old friends, but I can do that on Discord too.

So who knows, maybe this blog is dead. Maybe EVE is too. I wouldn't be the one to ask though.
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