December 4, 2022

Easing Back In

I'm having a lot of fun in EVE again, which I distinctly was not having in 2017 when I left the game. My playtime has still been a little hit and miss, we're selling our home so I've been doing a lot of cleaning and taking the dogs to the park while people go through our place. I wonder if staying at my computer for showings and blowing up spaceships would improve or decrease the listing price...

I was able to fly again yesterday in a tiny Hecate fleet with Laevateinn dual-boxing with an intercepter and FCing the fleet. Well, first I came out in a Condor to act as tackle with web but an Orthrus reminded me how dangerous they can be. I was burning away from any warp destination when they locked me, so when I started to take high damage, I wasn't able to turn around in time, so they were able to take me out before warp initiated. A good reminder. A sexy ship, too.

I came back in the Hecate, making our entire fleet Hecates until Greifhaken joined later in a Hawk. Nothing too crazy happened, although we skirmished with a comparatively large BRAVE fleet made of Omen Navy Issues and Augurors. They jumped into us a few times, forcing us off the gate. Finally we warped back onto a gate as they were leaving, timing it to catch some stragglers. We managed to nab one Augoror and his capsule

But the big prize was a Keres with a Dread Guristas Warp Disruptor and his High-grade Snake capsule.

We weren't able to get involved in either battlefield that was occurring that night and sadly I can't give a recap of how that shook out as I'm still trying to get a hang on reading the map and watching the warfront, but that's what I'll be trying be better at in the coming weeks.

These little updates are fun to post, it's good to spend some time to reflect on what I did in the game in a previous play session, but I hope to get a grasp on the wider "political" landscape (and when I say political, I don't mean nullsec bloc politics. Maybe meta is a better word, but anyway) and be able to talk about more big-picture topics. Obviously I'd love to get deeper into the world of the mercenary and see what that looks like on the grand stage too. So bear with me and I hope to bring you much more engaging topics of conversation.